41 bus passengers killed in Pakistan road accident

Islamabad, April 20 (IANS) At least 41 people were killed and many others were injured when a passenger bus hit a truck-trailer in Pakistan’s south Sukkur district.

The accident took place near Pano Akil town of the Sukkur, a district in the country’s south Sindh province, when the bus ran head-on into the truck-trailer, the Dawn reported.
The rescue workers said bus was carrying over 50 passengers when it lost control and collided with the truck-trailer.
The bus was completely destroyed on impact with the heavy vehicle.
Police personnel and rescue teams immediately reached the site of the incident and started cutting through the wreckage of the bus to rescue the passengers.
The driver of the truck-trailer was injured whereas the bus driver was killed on the spot, the report said.
According to an earlier report, at least 27 people, among them five women and two children, were killed and 20 others injured.