3,300-year-old tomb of army chief found near Cairo

Cairo, May 30 (DPA) Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a 3,300-year-old tomb at Saqqara, south of Cairo, the Ministry of Culture said Sunday.

A team from Cairo University’s archaeology department unearthed the tomb of Ptahmes, who was the mayor of the capital and an army chief, as part of an excavation mission that started in 2005.

Archaeologists also discovered ruins of statues for the owner of the tomb and his wife, as well as amulets, pottery and bricks showing the journey of the family while hunting and fishing.

The archaeology department first began its excavation in Saqqara decades ago, with some 43 tombs discovered since the 1980s.

Saqqara, some 30 km from Cairo, was the burial ground for Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt.