300 Taliban fighters to unleash terror in Pakistan

Islamabad, April 26 (Inditop) Around 300 suicide bombers and terrorists led by five senior Taliban commanders close to Baitullah Mehsud are believed to be headed towards the Pakistani capital Islamabad as well as Rawalpindi and Lahore cities to carry out major terror attacks.

The News, quoting interior ministry sources, said the terror operations were planned by Mehsud and the Taliban Himayat Tehrik (THT).

The Taliban commanders would supervise the terror strikes, the sources said, adding that simultaneous suicide bombings followed by sniper attacks were planned.

The Taliban fighters are believed to have left North Waziristan 15 days ago.

Interior Secretary Syed Kamal Shah confirmed the report, saying foolproof security measures had been adopted to thwart such threats.

“The law-enforcement agencies have chalked out counter strategies to deal with the situation,” Shah was quoted as saying.

Sources said that an intelligence agency provided information to the government about the Taliban plans.

The Taliban commanders were identified as Shikaari, Inayatullah, Walid, Mujahid and Abdali.

An official, requesting anonymity, said the “Taliban commanders left North Waziristan April 11 for Islamabad, along with an explosives-laden Toyota Corolla bearing the registration number IDG-8720”.