30 shops destroyed in Pakistani city’s fire

Islamabad, Dec 31 (IANS) At least 30 shops were engulfed when a fire broke out Wednesday at a local market in Pakistan’s Muzaffarabad city.

Other than the shops, four hotels were also engulfed by the blaze, Dawn online reported. No loss of life has been reported so far.
With no fire fighting facility near the site of the incident, shopkeepers and residents tried to control the fire on their own.
The fire spread quickly due to the wooden construction of most shops and houses in the area.
This incident has occurred after a huge fire in Lahore’s Anarkali market Tuesday which ravaged a three-storey building, leaving 13 people dead.
On Dec 28, a fire had also swept into a timber market in Karachi’s Old Haji Camp, destroying dozens of nearby buildings.