29 killed in eastern US due to snowstorm

Washington, Jan 25 (IANS) At least 29 people have died in the historic snowstorm since Friday, which has paralyzed the eastern US, where a record high of over 91 cm of snow has fallen in some areas, the media reported.

Most of the storm deaths were caused by the accidents of drivers travelling along roads covered in snow and ice, while others died from inhaling carbon monoxide from car exhaust pipes that were blocked by snow, Efe news agency reported.
Millions of people from the East Coast on Monday woke up to the challenges of public transport, roads and airports being seriously affected by the snowstorm.
The government offices and schools will be closed on Monday in Washington D.C., where authorities have warned that it will take several days to remove snow in residential areas.
Authorities also warned the public to limit their movements as much as possible, and even warned that motorists will be fined if they venture out to navigate the roads or walk the streets covered with snow.