279 Indians died in Qatar in 2014

Doha, Jan 31 (IANS) A total of 279 Indians died in Qatar in 2014, up from 241 deaths in 2013, according to data released by the Indian embassy.

The mission recorded 237 deaths in 2012 and since January this year, the number of deaths has reached 33, indicating a further increase, The Penimnsula Qatar reported Saturday.
The embassy data, however, did not provide details about the causes of deaths.
There were 87 Indians at the Central Prison, serving terms for offences and 113 were awaiting deportation at the Search and Follow Up Department.
Following requests from authorities for travel documents for Indian inmates, the embassy has issued 13 emergency certificates this month.
The embassy has also issued nine air tickets to people in distress to return to India this month.
The Indian community in Qatar is the single largest expatriate group in the country. The exact number of Indian nationals in Qatar is not documented, but at the end of 2012, it is estimated at close to 500,000, which is approximately 26 percent of Qatar’s total population of 1.9 million, according to the Indian embassy.