11 killed in Iraq bomb attacks

Baghdad, Jan 5 (IANS) At least 11 people were killed Sunday and 45 others injured in a series of bomb attacks in Iraq’s capital Baghdad Sunday, a police source said.

Two car bombs went off at a marketplace in Shaab district in the northeastern part of Baghdad, killing at least seven people and injured 23 others, the source told Xinhua.
Another car bomb detonated at a marketplace in Jamila district in the eastern part of the capital, killing a civilian and injuring 10 others, the source added.
In another incident, two more roadside bombs exploded separately at busy commercial areas of Maidan and Souq al-Arabi in Baghdad, killing three and wounding 12 others, the source said.
No group has so far claimed responsibility for the attacks, but the Al Qaeda front in Iraq, as in most cases, is allegedly responsible for such attacks in the country, raising fears that the terrorist group and other militia could return to widespread violence.
The attacks came as Iraqi security forces and Sunni tribesmen are fighting Al Qaeda militants in the cities of Anbar province in western Iraq.