Mumbai named India’s safest city for solo travelers

Traveling alone can be a wonderful adventure for any curious mind. It allows you to explore attractions specific to your interests, all the while going at your own pace and discovering new things about yourself. Despite these benefits, however, travelers do have to be aware of the dangers that may be present in any journey. Solo travelers face a unique set of risks, and planning an adventure travel trip so as to avoid as many of these issues as possible can pay off in the long run.  Everything from your destination to the clothes you wear can impact your safety during travels. Smart jet-setters know this and can use their knowledge to choose the safest routes and accommodations as they go about having the trip of a lifetime.   Mumbai leads the pack in safety A recent survey found more than 34 percent of respondents felt safest when traveling alone in Mumbai, The Hindu Business Line reports. Ahmedabad and Bangalore tied for second place behind Mumbai, with each of the cities getting 12 percent of the vote.  These three locales boasts enough authentic landmarks and attractions to allow visitors to explore the culture of the area, but they also pack a number of top hotels, restaurants and other amenities that help to keep travelers safe and connected during their adventures. So whether you’re ready to embark on exciting Mumbai holidays or more relaxed excursions to Bangalore, you can find just the right balance between the two sides.  Of the women who responded, about 37 percent claimed that they don’t mind traveling alone and can enjoy the process, but they do worry about their safety at times. An additional 41 percent said they also enjoy solo business travel and 76 percent like taking leisure trips alone, provided they take the proper precautions beforehand, the news source reports.  How solo travelers can keep safe No matter where globetrotters are heading on their next trip, they can take advantage of some of the best practices for solo travelers to stay safe. These tips start well in advance of a trip and continue throughout, so if you’re planning a solo adventure, be sure to keep a few of these ideas in mind.   Before departing on a trip, travelers should appoint a loved one as their main contact. This person is usually the go-to during travels – meaning that you make an effort to check in with them whenever possible and they have a copy of your itinerary and other travel information. Scheduling certain time periods when you have to contact them may be the best way to ensure someone is looking after you, as they can alert the proper authorities or check with tour operators if you aren’t where you’re supposed to be.  The gear that a traveler chooses to invest in can go a long way toward preventing problems. Money belts, decoy wallets and clothing with hidden pockets can help visitors keep money, valuables and important documents protected as they make their way around a city. Even simple accessories like a bag with a cross-body strap or one that is kept in front of you – and in your line of vision – can help deter thieves.   Solo travelers should also stick to populated areas during their travels. While tourist-heavy locales may attract some pickpockets, it is often better to be surrounded by families or friendly groups than in remote locations by yourself. Research different areas of your destination beforehand so you know where you should be headed and then you can plan your actions accordingly.