Lonely Planet introduces special guidebooks for domestic Indian travel

Avid travelers in India know that there is an overwhelming amount of things to see and do within their homeland. The sheer number of destinations and attractions awaiting travelers throughout the country can make it difficult to plan travel experiences, but some companies are stepping up to help curious minds select their next spot for family vacations or quick getaways.

Domestic tourism on the rise
According to data from the Indian Ministry of Tourism, domestic travel in the country increased by about 13.8 percent from 2010 to 2011, which represents a growth of more than 100 million individual travelers.

Domestic travel has been helped by lower fares on Air India flights, as well as a growing number of air carriers and available routes that can bring tourists to all corners of the nation. Travelers just have to know where they want to jet off to next.

‘Short Escapes’ encourages domestic travel
Lonely Planet, one of the world’s leading travel information providers, is launching a line of in-depth guides designed to help Indians explore spots around the country. Ideal for weekend getaways or short breaks, the “Short Escapes” series will bring eager jet-setters to some of the most exciting locales in India and provide them with all the information they need to have a spectacular vacation – no matter how much time they spend traveling.

“In the present corporate scenario, working professionals in India want to maximize their leisure time,” Sesh Seshadri, general manager of Lonely Planet India, told The Business Standard. “With this in mind, Lonely Planet designed the travel guides to enable travelers to make most of their time by exploring destinations close to their city.”

The guides will give travelers the inside scoop on where to go during Bangalore, Delhi or Mumbai holidays. All destinations are divided up based on the type of activity, so you can select the best places to enjoy active adventure travel, observe wildlife or relax at top resorts or Delhi hotels. There are even options for excursions off the beaten path, so travelers who invest in a Bangalore car rental can explore the areas in and around the city for the ultimate unique vacation.

While the series focuses on those three areas for now, future editions will offer an inside look at Rajasthan and Goa, giving travelers a wide range of options to choose from when they plan their next getaway.