No plan for military action against Maoists: Home secretary

Bhubaneswar, Nov 20 ( Home Secretary G.K. Pillai Friday ruled out military action against Maoists who he described as “terrorists”.

“The Maoist organization itself is a terrorist organization. Every act of the Maoist is a violent act and terrorist act. They always attack soft targets like schools, panchayat buildings, telephone towers,” Pillai said in response to a query on whether Maoists had started attacking soft targets.

He however ruled out military action against the leftwing rebels and aerial attacks on Maoists.

“Our main aim is to restore civilian administration in the Maoist-affected areas and provide basic facilities in those areas. But we have never said that we will take military action against them,” Pillai said.

He also stressed on coordinated effort among states to counter the red menace.

Referring to his earlier comment that the rebels were getting arms from the Chinese, Pillai said: “What I said was that they are getting Chinese arms, though not from the Chinese government sources. Arms for the Maoists are also coming from Myanmar and Bangladesh and neighbouring countries,” he added.