Sports ministry formulates new guidelines for Arjuna Awards

New Delhi, Jan 3 (IANS) The sports ministry, in its bid to avoid controversies, Friday issued fresh guidelines for selection of sportsperson for the Arjuna Awards.

According to the new guidelines, 90 per cent weightage would be given to winners of medals at various international championships and sports events of disciplines covered in Olympics (Summer, Winter and Paralympics), Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games. The new guidelines will come into effect from this year.
Winners of medals in Olympics and Paralympics will automatically be considered for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna or Arjuna Awards, depending on the type of medal won, if they have already not been conferred with either of the two top awards.

The sports ministry has worked out its own formula according to which 90 marks will be given to the sportsperson getting maximum points. Rest of the sportspersons will be given marks proportionately.
For example, if a sportsperson ‘A’ has got highest points, say 45 points as per the formula, and another sportsperson ‘B’ has got 40 points, then ‘A’ will get 90 marks and ‘B’ will get (90×40/45) 80 marks.
The sports ministry has also decided to give 10 percent weightage to the marks given by the selection committee for assessment of the eligible sportsperson keeping in view factors like profile and standard of the sports events in which he/she has won medals and qualities like leadership, sportsmanship, team sprit, fair play, sense of discipline.
For cricket and indigenous games, not included in Olympic, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games disciplines, the selection committee will recommend the number of awards, (not exceeding two), taking into consideration their individuals performances and qualities of sportsman spirit, leadership, sense of discipline etc.
Ordinarily, not more than one award will be given in each discipline in a particular year, subject to deserving sportspersons being available. Adequate representation would be insured for physically challenged and women.
The principle of one award per discipline will not be applicable in case of team sports and across gender. The selection committee may recommend, in deserving cases with proper justification, more than one sportsperson in respect of team sports and sportspersons of both the genders.
Normally not more than 15 awards could be given in any calendar year.
However, keeping in view the performance of Indian sportspersons in the Commonwealth, Asian Games and Olympic Games during a particular year, the selection committee may recommend more than 15 sportspersons for Arjuna Award.
In a particular sports discipline, names of not more than four sportspersons (two each for male and female) with the highest marks will be considered by the Selection Committee.
Sometimes, the Selection committee may feel that as per the given criteria, a very deserving sportsperson may not get Arjuna Award. In such a situation, it may recommend such name giving full justification in writing.
The selection committee will recommend the final list of sportspersons for Arjuna Awards as per the marks obtained in terms of the criteria indicated. The recommendations of Selection Committee will be placed before the sports minister for the final decision.