Roddick reports knee injury recovery ahead of schedule

London, Nov 25 (DPA) Andy Roddick said Tuesday that the knee injury which kept him from taking his place in this week’s ATP World Tour Finals will be ready for an on-court test next week.

“The injury, it’s coming along well,” last summer’s Wimbledon finalist against Roger Federer said at the signing announcement of another four-year clothing contract with Lacoste of France.

“We’re probably a little bit ahead of where we thought we would be.”

Roddick hurt himself seven weeks ago during a match in Shanghai and went immediately home to Texas for treatment and rehab.

He withdrew before the start in London after qualifying for the elite eight-man field, his place taken by Swede Robin Soderling.

“I’ve been able to run in a straight line, and hopefully next week I’ll be able to get back out on the courts and practise,” said the one-time world number one.”

Roddick said that now onsite at the year-end championship, his regret at missing the wrap-up is huge.

“It’s a different dynamic for me to be here but not playing. It was a lot easier to deal with for me not being at this tournament when I was home.

“But to be able to come here and see just the energy that’s around it, just the great event that’s being put on, I definitely am envious towards those guys out there, that they’re able to play and participate in this event.”

On a theme he has echoed for the past months ever since losing to Federer at Wimbledon in a dramatic fifth set, Roddick again expressed the support he feels when he plays in London.

“I certainly felt an overwhelming amount of support during the fortnight at Wimbledon, I’ve always felt very comfortable here in London.

“As a result of especially this year’s Wimbledon, I was really looking forward to getting back here and playing again in a little bit of a different atmosphere.”