Dar backs new umpire referral system

Karachi, Nov 19 (Inditop.com) Eminent Pakistani cricket umpire Aleem Dar Thursday said the new umpire referral system will help minimise errors.

The Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) in which each side is allowed two unsuccessful challenges per innings in a system similar to that used in American football and tennis will be used for the first time in the Test series between New Zealand and Pakistan, starting Nov 24 in Dunedin.

The decision was made after a Dunedin-based company agreed to supply the ball-tracking technology.

“I believe the use of technology can be good for the game,” said Dar, who was named as the Umpire of the Year by the International Cricket Council (ICC) last month.

“That is why I support the idea of having an umpire referral system in international cricket,” he added.

The UDRS was supposed to be adopted in all Tests from October.

But its implementation was delayed after broadcasters and national boards objected to being asked to pay for it.

The stand-off led to the system being scrapped for the ongoing series between India and Sri Lanka. It will not be used in England’s four-Test series in South Africa next month.

The UDRS is an updated version of the TV referral system which was trialled during England’s Test tour of the West Indies in January and February.

The ICC approved the UDRS for Test matches in June following trials at domestic and international levels.

Australia will also use the system during its three-Test series against West Indies, starting on Thursday next week in Brisbane.