Future Micromax Phone To All Cost Less Than 15K

When Micromax launched the new “Yu” brand, many people were skeptic as to how both these brands could sustain together. Micromax already has a settled brand image in front of the consumers who have started trusting its products while Yu had simply nothing. But after seeing so many launches from both the companies, the picture has become a lot clearer. We will tell you how.

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If you check out the latest launches from both the brands, you can check out something really interesting.  Yu has recently launched a phone with costs north of 20k, but Micromax has not launched a single phone that costs over 15k. In fact no phone in the Micromax stable costs over 14k today. When this question was popped to the Micromax CMO, Shubhajit Sen, he said that there is nothing fixed about it, but could be a case where Micromax will make only budget devices while Yu might be projected as a premium brand of the same company. Something like Toyota and Lexus in the automobiles industry.

He said, “It was perhaps wrong to suddenly raise prices as we did with the Canvas Sliver 5.” He also said that making a premium device under the Micromax banner could have been a huge mistake for the company, the same way the Yunique which was a budget device could have had been a mistake for the Yu brand since that is not what the company is trying to portray.


The company does not want Yu to cater to the mass market, that is what Micromax is there for, but Yu is supposed to be a premium brand with high end value for money products for the Tier I markets. On the flipside Micromax will be concentrating on the budget offerings for the rest of the Tier II and Tier III markets who are looking for affordable devices with good specs for the phone to work properly. Some of them are the Canvas Spark, Canvas 5 and more.

He further also said that Micromax will only be concentrating on phone, but Yu brand will also be coming out with a lot of other accessories like IoT, Wearables and a lot more. So we can expect a fitness band as well as a smart watch maybe from Yu soon and since we know the pricing scheme for them, we can be pretty much sure that it will be pretty cheap compared to other wearables in the market available today.

The company has recently launched the Yu Yutopia with comes with a Snapdragon 810 Processor and 4GB RAM for the cost of just INR 24,999/- It takes on the OnePlus 2 head one with this cost and specs. The company has said that they are in no hurry to launch new products one after the other since they are not targeting the mass market now and hence the products will come as and when they do.