Chrome OS Not To Merge With Android After All

There were multiple reports floating in the news that there was a possibility of the Chrome OS for desktop which Google had developed was supposedly to be merged with Android and be used as One OS for all devices, something which Microsoft has planned for its upcoming Windows 10 Continuum.

Apparently Google has quashed all those reports stating that it is very much still committed to its Chrome OS and its Chromebook sales have taken a plunge since the last quarter, so they have no intentions to merge the OS and rather keep it going as an autonomous independent OS.

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The first report was published by the Wall Street Journal about the merging of the OS which was later followed by Recode and The Verge. To this, Chrome OS and Android SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer tweeted that Google is very much still committed to its Chrome OS and the company has no plans to merge the two OS together or be done with the Chrome OS altogether.

The possibility of this happening has quite a good chance because of Google’s launch of the new Pixel-C All-in-one device which aims to be almost a Microsoft Surface but with Android running on it instead of Windows. The bigger reason was since it was running Android and not Google’s desktop OS the Chrome OS as the device being a tablet and a laptop brought about some speculations that if Google merged the two OS together, the resulting productivity suite would be off the charts.


Another reason was because there have been rumors floating that the merger might happen because Google is does not seem much serious about maintaining the Chrome OS for desktop as much as Android and also since there are not many apps to run on the OS yet. If the merger was to happen, all the apps on Android would come on the desktop giving it a bigger edge over Windows currently.

The added functionality of Chrome to the apps and appeal of Android could have become the perfect combination to take Windows and Microsoft head on; but apparently Google is in no mood to change things. Also this would allow even Google to go the Continuum way by simply letting the phone log to the monitor and being able to use it as a complete desktop. Now that we know it is not happening, we kind of wished Google had done it, but then again we cannot force someone to do that. We can only wait and watch as to what unfold in the future.