Bluestacks Launches Version 2 With Better Mobile Support

For all those who wished to use Android on their computers with big screens, Bluestacks was the best solution available to them till date. It is pretty much the best Android emulator of all the others out there and no wonder that it has been able to reach as much as 100 million downloads till date.


Now Bluestacks has launched the second version of the emulator with a lot of graphical and featuristic improvements all across the program. But more than anything else, Bluestacks have this time around concentrated a lot on the gaming aspect of the program.

According to a survey done by Bluestacks, and average user who downloaded and installed Bluestacks on their system spent over 90 mins in the beginning playing games. This is because maybe they like using the keyboard and mouse interface to play the games on the big screen; else they might be using some other mobile eco-system which does not get them access to certain gaming titles which are available only on Android OS.


Some of the major changes made by Bluestacks in the entire UI of the program include changing of its overall navigation and usability which has been greatly improved as compared to last time. Also the new tabs based system looks more like using a browser of sorts but then again it has its own advantage that it makes switching between apps a lot more easier which was totally absent on the previous version of the program.

The program now gives the user complete control over what to use while gaming like if they want to use a keyboard or mouse or else they want to switch to a proper gaming console for the computer. Also there is an addition of an all new file browser which was also absent from the previous version which makes the file access and transfer from the app to the PC a lot more easier and possible rather in the first place.

It now also gives the option to beam your apps and games on other screens as well like on your TV, Mobile, Monitor, PC and many others. When it comes to Bluestacks and the features that it provides, one cannot really complain about what it has to offer, but now with the next version all this has been greatly improved this shows in the100 million download mark.

“Where mobile is growing fastest we’re growing fastest. Mobile advertisers are realizing that PC, Mac, phone and TV are all simply different ways to reach the same person.” said Bluestacks SVP of Marketing and Business Development John Garguilo.

Today there are more users for Bluestacks than companies like Sony, Xiaomi and many others. So you can also download the new version of Bluestacks and have fun by being able to use your entire smartphone experience on your PC.