20000 mAh Power Bank Launched For The Power Hungry

If you thought your current power bank was too small for your needs, behold the monster. Xiaomi has launched a new 20,000 mAh power bank in China as of now and we are very much confident of the device coming to India as well real soon. The best thing about this power bank is the entire unit itself and on top of that, the cost of the unit.


The Mi power bank comes with 3 USB ports so that you can charge 3 of your mobile devices at the same time. The output voltage is rated at 3.6A so you can be sure the charging will be done at a quick rate as well. You can always charge the power bank using your regular cell phone charger and should go from 0 to 100% in about 10-12 hours depending on your charger’s capability.

If you are the one to doubt the quality and weight of the device, let us assure you, the device is made of plastic unlike the smaller capacity power banks which were of metal. This is helpful in keeping the power bank lighter and also manage the scratching issues a bit better which was a menace on the previous units. Also Xiaomi claims the internal parts of the power bank are made by LG and Panasonic, so there are good quality products working in there.

Coming to the sweetest part of the deal, the power bank comes to about INR 1,600/- and that is it. Any other equivalent of less capacity units cost a lot more while you can get this one at a much better deal. So anyone looking for a real high capacity charging unit can go for this once the Mi Power Bank is launched in India and we expect it to be priced a bit more competitively here as well.


Apart from the power bank, Xiaomi has also launched a new fitness band the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S. It is an upgrade over their previous version and also has included a heart rate monitor without compromising on the cost of the band one bit. It still gets the same 45 mAh batter and since there is no display on the band, the company is claiming the device to provide about 30 days of battery on a single charge.