Vaiko blasts UPA, Karunanidhi over Sri Lanka

Chennai, April 20 (Inditop) MDMK leader Vaiko Monday said the Indian government was also to blame for the killings of Tamils in Sri Lanka, and described Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K. Karunanidhi as “the number one traitor to the Tamil race”.

Speaking to reporters here, Vaiko compared the deaths caused by the military offensive against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to the holocaust during World War II.

Vaiko accused New Delhi of covertly joining hands with Colombo to pave the way for the current offensive against the LTTE that has left the group struggling to survive in a small strip of coastal land in Mullaitivu district.

Alleging that nearly 2,000 Tamils had been killed this year, he said most of them were innocent civilians.

“(These are) murderous, barbaric attacks … against the Tamils. For this holocaust, the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government led by the Congress party is fully responsible.

“(UPA chairperson and Congress president) Sonia Gandhi is solely responsible. They have planned this for all these five years; they have given all logistic support, given military information (to Sri Lanka), satellite information…

“They have destroyed the ships which carried material for the LTTE. The Indian Navy helped the Sri Lankan Navy to destroy these ships. Today, much blood of Tamils has been shed. This is due to the assistance of the Indian government.

“It is a pre-planned, pre-meditated military offensive, engineered and planned by the Indian government. Therefore, for the loss of lives of Tamils, for the loss of every Tamil blood, the Congress will never be forgiven, for posterity.”

Vaiko also blasted Karunanidhi, who on Monday clarified that he still considered LTTE’s elusive chief Velupillai Prabhakaran a terrorist. A day earlier, the DMK chief caused a stir by calling Prabhakaran a friend whose death he would regret.

“Karunanidhi has become the number one traitor to the Tamil race… He has been totally silent. (All these years) he played a drama.

“Had he really put pressure on the UPA government, it would have prevailed upon (Sri Lankan President Mahinda) Rajapaksa (to stop the killings).”

Vaiko warned that there would be a backlash in Tamil Nadu to the unending deaths in Sri Lanka and the international community’s failure to end the killings.

“Because Tamils are dying, there will be a backlash. People’s anger will be there. Therefore, Karunanidhi made the statement (Sunday) that Prabahakaran is his friend.”