Two held with 35 stolen cell phones in Delhi

New Delhi, Dec 28 (IANS) Two people were arrested with 35 stolen high-end mobile phones which they were planning to sell off in Nepal, police said Sunday.

Vipin Kumar, 42, and Sudhir, 38, were arrested from Anand Vihar in east Delhi, Saturday. Thirty-five high-end mobile phones have been recovered from their possession, police said.
Vipin Kumar told police he would buy stolen mobile phones from petty criminals in Jama Masjid area. He then would contact Sudhir, a shopkeeper in Uttrakhand, to sell such phones in Nepal and Uttarakhand.
“Before selling the mobile phones in Uttarakhand, they used to get IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number of the mobile phone changed with the help of their associate at Gaffar Market in central Delhi, so that these mobile phones may not be traced during surveillance,” said Joint Commissioner of Police Ravinder Yadav.
The mobile phones sold in Nepal were being delivered without changing the IMEI numbers, the officer added.