Toddlers may soon get their own computer books! (Trend Feature)

Chandigarh, Dec 29 (IANS) Before they start getting to know their alphabets, tiny tots nowadays start fiddling with computers and other gizmos of their family members. Kindergarten or pre-school students in India may soon have books through which they can get acquainted with basic technological terms related to such gadgets.

“The demand for having books for pre-school and kindergarten students to give them basic knowledge about computers and other gizmos is being made by publishers based on feedback from schools for these tiny tots,” Arun Soni, a record-making author of computer books, told IANS.
Soni, who was featured in the Limca Book of Records for “most computer books written at 38 (years)” in 2009, said that with the new generation growing up with all latest technology in computers, i-Pads, tablets and smartphones around them, it was important for them to understand basic terms related to such gizmos.
“Children, right from the age of 1-2 years, start fiddling with these gadgets which belong to their parents and other family members. It will be good if they have some basic knowledge of the terms associated with these gadgets,” said Soni, who wrote his first book on computers in 1996.
“Things have changed over the years. Earlier, students were introduced to MS Word in Class 9 or 10. Now, they are taught this in Class 3,” he said.
Having written nearly 100 books on computer education, software and technologies, Soni said it was important to provide the right education to children in this regard.
“I got into writing books on computer education because I was myself not satisfied with the kind of books available for students a few years back. I started writing these books for school students as well as the general public,” said Soni, who has also received the distinguished author award by the Federation of Educational Publishers in India (FEPI).
Conducting regular workshops and sessions in schools and institutions across India, Soni said it was not only students but also teachers who need to be updated about the latest things in the technological and cyber fields.
“To know about cyber security and the crimes related to it is very important for everyone, especially students. The awareness in the younger generation is not there regarding the use and misuse of cyber technology and they can be vulnerable,” he said.
One of his latest books “Gateway to Windows” warns youngsters about cyber crimes and other threats. Soni also has a Facebook page tiled ‘Cyber Shield’.
“These books help youngsters know how to be cautious about the internet. Even using a pen drive or opening one’s email on a public computer in cyber cafes can be dangerous as data can easily be copied,” said Soni, who is a certified cyber security expert from the US.
“The only solution to cyber crime is awareness and students should be told about this, given the fact that they have easy access to internet and technology these days,” he said.
Soni’s 29-year-old nephew, Sahil, too is in a related field. He creates, designs and maintains websites and apps. Sahil has created and designed over 100 websites so far.
Soni’s books deal with technology and software.
“The focus is on children and youth. The books are based on the syllabus of CBSE, ICSE and other state boards. A number of schools across India are using books written by me to teach students all about computers and related technology,” he said.
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