Terence Lewiss new production marries dance, theatre

New Delhi, Dec 29 (IANS) Eight emotional tales of life and relationships and some lighthearted conversations narrated using the medium of theatre and dance is what ace choreographer Terence Lewis will bring to the capital in his new production premiering Dec 11.

The two-hour long “Scrambled eggs or Sunny Side Up?” is an amalgamation of varied expressions through different moments, incorporating diverse contemporary techniques like fighting monkey and flying low techniques.
It is a part of the third edition of “Ignite: Festival of Contemporary Dance” that will begin Dec 11 here.
Woven around eight different stories, Lewis will be in conversation with the audience and would be seen preparing breakfast in his home – on the stage. He would be communicating and talking while a story evolves and in the middle of the narration, the act will be taken over by the dance form.
“The narration would be such that the audience will have to interpret the outcome of the story. There will be emotional moments, slapstick comedy and at times the act will drain you as well,” Lewis told IANS.
Elaborating on the settings, Lewis said for those two hours the stage will be his home that will have a kitchen, sofa and other essentials and he would be the ‘sutradhaar’ (narrator) who would connect these stories that are inspired from personal life and around him.
“It was important to bring these two mediums together,” said Lewis.
“It is a daring experiment that required us the bring in all necessary elements to be able to grab the attention of the audience,” he added.
It took Lewis a year to conceptualise the idea and three months to choreograph the act. But having “intimate conversations” with the audience during the course of narration is what Lewis cherished the most when he performed in Mumbai.
He hopes the audience in the capital warms up to the idea of this experimental theatre and dance act that is lively and entertaining.