Tamil Nadu should impose prohibition: Expelled AIADMK lawmaker

Chennai, Jan 28 (IANS) A day after he was expelled from Tamil Nadu’s ruling AIADMK, legislator Pala Karuppaiah on Thursday said the state should impose liquor prohibition to protect the future generations.

“It is not good for the state to get major portion of its revenue from liquor sales. Further it is the poor who are contributing to the liquor sales in the state and not the rich,” he told reporters.
Karuppaiah said it is not right for the government to take money out of a poor man’s left pocket and putting some in his right pocket in the form of freebies.
Reiterating what he spoke at a magazine function recently, he said the collusion between the bureaucrats and the political class in corruption is not good for the people.
The framers of the Indian Constitution provided protection to the government servants so that they act as a check on the politicians, he said, alleging that the bureaucracy has joined hands with the politicians in corruption, he said.
He said is resigning as the member of Tamil Nadu assembly as he was expelled from the party.
Karuppaiah was elected to the assembly from the Harbour constituency.
He said he came to know about his expulsion only from reporters.
On late Wednesday night, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa, who is also AIADMK’s general secretary, issued a statement dismissing Karuppaiah from the basic membership of the party, for acting against the party’s principles and defaming it.