Rail coaches derail at Chandigarh station, no injuries

Chandigarh, Dec 28 (IANS) The Chandigarh railway station Sunday witnessed a freak accident when stationary coaches started rolling on their own and two derailed while one was half-way off the tracks, officials said.

There was no casualty and railway traffic was also not affected.
Police officials at the site said that the railway coaches, parked on a maintenance track near the railway station, started moving on their own as the track was on an incline and there was no track stopper installed.
“A major tragedy has been averted. The railway authorities had not put up a stopper. Earlier also, some coaches had rolled down the track on their own but had not derailed then,” police officer Aman Singh told media.
Railway officials at the station refused to say anything about the incident.
The derailed coaches were new ones meant for the Shatabdi and Duranto express trains.