Priyanka compares Manmohan Singh with Mahatma Gandhi

Pichwada (Uttar Pradesh), April 14 (Inditop) Coming out in support of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Priyanka Gandhi Tuesday called him a “strong and determined” leader and said even Mahatma Gandhi looked gentle.

“You cannot judge a person’s strength from his external personality. Mahatma Gandhi was so gentle but was so strong from inside. Manmohan Singh is very strong and determined,” Priyanka Gandhi, the daughter of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, said while campaigning in the state.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been calling Manmohan Singh a weak prime minister.

Taking on Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for his remarks calling the Congress a “125-year-old budhiya” (old hag) and a “gudiya” (doll), she said: “Those who don’t respect women don’t deserve respect themselves.”

Asked if she would enter politics, Priyanka Gandhi said: “I don’t want to contest elections and come into politics but work for my family and the party.”