Pawar indisposed, rests in Pune home

Pune, March 24 (IANS) Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar was rushed to Pune from Kolhapur Sunday morning after he experienced sudden weakness and exhaustion, a party official said.

He was addressing the inaugural of a conference of local government leaders when he felt breathlessness and tiredness.
Immediately, he was helped to step down by aides and later taken to a helicopter which flew him to Pune.
“He suffered weakness due to low blood-sugar and has been examined by medicos. He is fine now and resting at his home in Pune,” party spokesperson Nawab Malik told IANS.
Malik emphasized that there is no cause for any health worries for the 72-year-old Pawar who is the Nationalist Congress Party president.
Pawar has been advised complete rest for a few days and all his engagements have been cancelled.