Of stars, superstition and elections in Assam

Guwahati, April 15 (Inditop) Come elections and fortune tellers, astrologers, and religious gurus are the most sought after by politicians in Assam seeking divine blessings and taking recourse to remedial measures to correct their stars.

“I am not superstitious, but I do believe in astrology and predictions,” Captain Robin Bordoloi, Congress party candidate from the prestigious Guwahati parliamentary seat, told IANS.

All eyes are now focussed on the Kalpurush Panjika, a highly regarded Assamese almanac based on the movement of planets and stars that came into effect Wednesday, when the Assamese new year began.

The Kalpurush Panjika, a mass circulation astrological calendar in Assam, is in its 26th year of publication.

“Well if you just sit tight and don’t work and campaign thinking that the stars are on my side, then one is surely going to lose. I believe in hard work and at the same time respect astrologers and religious gurus,” Bordoloi said.

The chief astrologer and editor of Kalpurush Panjika, Ranjit Kumar Saikia, predicts that it will once again be a coalition government at the centre, although the prospects of the Congress party-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) look bright.

“No single party would get a thumping majority but I would say the stars favour the Congress, although there is some worry for the health of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,” Saikia told IANS.

Mani Kumar Subba, controversial Congress MP and candidate for the Tezpur seat, has a strong belief in astrology.

“I consult astrologers and believe in gurus (religious) for any big thing that I do…in fact astrologers are part of my daily life,” Subba told IANS.

Subba was more than curious to know from the team of astrologers of Kalpurush Panjika about his electoral fortune this time – in fact Subba had telephoned to get the predictions.

“I am happy to know that my stars are good in the month of May and that is the time when election results would be declared…so I am sure of becoming the MP from Tezpur for the fourth straight term,” a beaming Subba said amid loud cheers from his supporters.