Northerly cold winds chill Maharashtra

Mumbai, Dec 15 (IANS) Cold northerly winds blowing in north India hit Maharashtra too Monday, accompanied by rains in some areas including Mumbai, leading to a sudden dip in temperatures.

While Mumbai notched a minimum temperature of 14 degrees, a steep fall of at least six degrees over the weekend, many interior parts of Maharashtra recorded single-digit temperatures.
IMD Mumbai director V.K. Rajeev said that the cool weather is expected to continue for at least another two days after which temperatures will rise gradually.
The sudden drop in mercury levels sent Mumbaikars scurrying about for warm clothes while school students were seen wearing sweaters first time this winter.
The temperatures started dropping from third week of November along with drop in humidity levels, but the chill which eluded the atmosphere was only noticed Monday.
The cool weather was preceded by rains and hailstorms in several parts of the state in the past few days, resulting in huge crop losses.