Money, muscle power to influence voters cause of concern: President

New Delhi, Jan 25 (IANS) Hailing the Election Commission for conducting free and fair elections in the country, President Pranab Mukherjee on Monday stressed the need to check money and muscle power in polls.

“The abuse of money and muscle power to influence voters remains a cause of concern. The spirit of democracy will be subverted if these malpractices are not checked,” Mukherjee said at an event on the occasion of the 6th National Voters’ Day organised by the Election Commission.
“It is commendable that the Election Commission has taken up initiatives to promote ethical and informed voting,” he added.
Mukherjee lauded the Election Commission for conducting polls successfully and improving on deficiencies to increase participation in elections.
He also applauded the commission for its new initiative of celebrating the voter with “Matdata Mahotsav” which was held recently in New Delhi ahead of the National Voters’ Day.
Mukherjee, on the occasion, gave away awards for best electoral practices to chief electoral officers, district electoral officers and other officers involved in election management.
The president also received the first copy of a book “Belief in the Ballot” brought out by the Election Commission and published by the publications division under the information and broadcasting ministry.