Model code comes into effect in poll-bound states

New Delhi, Aug 31 ( The model code of conduct in poll-bound Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana and Maharashtra, where voting to elect new state governments will be held Oct 13, came into effect Monday.

“The model code of conduct comes into effect from today (Monday) in the all three states,” Chief Election Commissioner Navin Chawla told reporters while announcing the poll schedule for the three Congress-ruled states.

With the model code coming into effect, political parties are bound to follow poll panel restrictions in their election campaigns. State governments also cannot announce or initiate any developmental programmes that may influence voters.

Chawla said no “caste or communal feelings” should be raised for securing votes and asked political parties not to use religious places for election campaigns.

“Mosques, churches, temples or other places of worship shall not be used as a forums for election campaigns,” he said.