Maharashtra Congress endorses PM’s views on Modi

Mumbai, Jan 3 (IANS) The Congress’ Maharashtra unit Friday endorsed Manmohan Singh’s statement that BJP’s Narendra Modi would be disastrous as prime minister.

“It is difficult for the Bharatiya Janata Party to come to power at the centre and with Modi as the prime ministerial candidate, it is virtually impossible,” Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee president Manikrao Thakre said in a statement.
Thakre said Modi’s claims on various issues have already been proved to be a hoax and that the Gujarat chief minister has been making false statements by twisting historical facts.
Under Modi’s tenure as Gujarat chief minister, the state has been plagued by various ills like malnutrition, economic crises, imbalanced development and violation of human rights, he said.
“But Modi keeps travelling to different states propagating falsehood and insulting their dignity and self-respect, including in Maharashtra,” Thakre said.
He said Modi never cared to visit any relief camp for the victims of the Gujarat riots.
Modi was exposed when he went to sympathise with the victims of the recent Bihar bomb blasts, he said.
“Such an individual, even if he becomes the prime minister by mistake would prove to be disastrous for the country,” Thakre said.