Liberhan suggests revamp of civil, police recruitment

New Delhi, Nov 25 ( The recruitment into the civil and police services should be extensively revamped and aptitude, education and experience should be preferred over academic excellence, the Liberhan Commission that probed the Babri Masjid demolition has recommended.

The commission, whose report was tabled in parliament Tuesday, said the police and bureaucracy face a crisis of confidence and general public does not trust them either.

“The nexus between the politician and the policemen or the bureaucrats needs to be disrupted. The confidence of the common man needs to be restored. Experts have already written lengthy monographs on the subjects and suggested specific changes. We need to ensure that these reforms are undertaken holistically at the earliest,” the report said.

The commission said the root cause of the problem may possibly lie in the very process which is used to recruit these officers.

“Just as in areas requiring excellence such as the profession of medicine, the profession of governance cannot admit of candidates whose merit is not of proven providence,” the report said.

“It may be particularly useful to conduct periodic exercises of screening the members of the civil and police services to identify and weed out the communal and biased elements.”