Kolkata set for a hep New Year Eve

Kolkata, Dec 30 (IANS) The party-loving people here are geared up for sizzling performances by international artists, the heady buzz of electronic dance music and a tantalising array of global cuisine on offer across the city this New Year Eve Tuesday.

Kolkata’s cosmopolitan choices will reflect in the variety in food, fun and frolic as people from different backgrounds join in to usher in 2015.
Be it open-air gatherings complimented with bonfires or sheltered, cosy parties with homemade food, options galore for residents here. Unlimited food and drinks are in order as a bit of jiving on the dance floor will whet your appetite up for some hunger busters.
Willing to shake a leg and croon? Head over to a spa on the outskirts of Kolkata where Pakistani singer Atif Aslam will make you swoon with his honeyed voice and oomph.
Or headover to the Barsana club in your white apparels for a crazy party with a neon theme, which is in vogue this year.
A neon theme mask party is on the cards at the Sonnet hotel’s open air bash, in addition to a fiery act by Russian fire and belly dancer Irina, rocking music mixes by DJs and stellar show by a bar juggler.
Satiate your hunger with a sumptuous Tandoori cuisine buffet or get ready for some more action with high wattage speakers, intelligent lights and eclectic decor at the Festival Sonic Boom, an initiative of E365 Media Solutions, where Israeli trance band Infected Mushroom will dazzle all with a scintillating show.
Post the frenetic partying, indulge in a hearty turkey dinner at Edesia or a filling duck spread at Chowman. For a sugary boost, seasonal fruitcakes, muffins, patties served at heritage tearooms like Flury’s and bakeries such as Nahoum’s will work their magic in the biting cold with a dash of sparkling wine.
Or for those on the go and with a penchant for classics, dig into rolls, noodles and quick bites rustled up at the embellished and lit-up street food counters at the British-era Park Street, with a charm of its own.
A walk in the chilly midnight air, under Park Street’s spangled canopy of fairy lights and sparkling streamers is like a slice of heaven for those who are not into the mass parties.
Quaint ballroom dances and traditional barbeque dinners at the age-old heritage clubhouses are perfect for the quieter ones.
But nothing beats the homely ambiance of family get-togethers, be it at spacious farmhouses available for rent in the city fringes or at rooftops and lawns of one’s own residences.
With so much on the platter, come Dec 31, Kolkata’s joie de vivre will ring in a pleasant new year.
(Sahana Ghosh can be contacted at [email protected]