Indian Muslims are also Hindus,says RSS chief

Bangalore, Nov 22 ( Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat late Sunday created a flutter at a public meeting here by claiming that Indian Muslims were originally Hindus and follow Hindu rituals.

“India is a country of Hindus. Even Muslims and Christians are also Hindus as they have inherited the Hindu culture. They too have roots in Hinduism,” Bhagwat said while addressing about 15,000 RSS activists at a gathering in the sprawling Bangalore Palace grounds.

Substantiating his claim, Bhagwat said Muslims sing qawwalis because they inherited the trait of singing bhajans (hymns) from their forefathers. They also worship at mausoleums of great Muslim saints by offering chadar (quilt), which is equivalent to idol worshipping by Hindus.

“We are a country of unity in diversity. We are all one despite so many languages, different religions, cultures, traditions and food habits. All Indians derive strength from the spirit of Hindutva, which is a way of life – sanatana dharma,” Bhagwat said in his hour-long speech in chaste Hindi.