Hyderabad will be capital of Telangana: Home Secretary

New Delhi, Dec 11 (Inditop.com) Union Home Secretary G.K. Pillai Friday said that Hyderabad would be the capital of the new state of Telangana after it is carved out from Andhra Pradesh.

“I think Hyderabad will always be the capital of Telangana,” Pillai told reporters here Friday.

Pillai said that dialogue was a way out for resolving most conflicts.

“Everybody agrees that we can resolve problems only through dialogue and understanding of everybody’s position. The home minister has stated that he is willing to talk to everybody and that the dialogues will continue,” he said.

Pillai said he felt that the continuing agitation in Andhra Pradesh will die down once everybody understood the process of formation of a new state.

Hyderabad, geographically in the Telangana region, has become a hot issue with some parliamentarians from Andhra Pradesh suggesting that the city, known for its information technology sector, should be turned into a union territory.