Himachal to add more green pockets in Shimla

Shimla, Dec 27 (IANS) The Himachal Pradesh government has decided to add a few more green pockets in Shimla town to the existing 17 pockets to expand its green cover, said Town and Country Planning Minister Sudhir Sharma Saturday.

“We are going to identify and add a few more green pockets in Shimla where there will be a total ban on any construction activity. This will help in keeping the green cover of the town intact,” he said at a meeting of the town and country planning department here.
Sharma said the department has simplified the procedures related to the construction activity.
The change-of-land-use fees for industrial use have been reduced by half and there is an overall increase in floor area ratio for industrial units, he said.
Besides, the limit on the height of buildings has been raised for organised housing projects across the state, he said.
Now, it would be 25 metres in the hilly areas and 30 metres in the plains. “This decision would help promoters to achieve the permissible floor areas ratio and also to leave sufficient areas under parking and open spaces.”
The minister said in a statement that multi-level parking for government, public undertakings and commercial buildings and two parking floors, if feasible, for others have been allowed over and above the prescribed floor areas ratio.
The regulations for installation of communication towers have been notified and all the spatial plans are being prepared on GIS format.