Health minister urged to reinstate terminated AIIMS faculty

New Delhi, Jan 27 (IANS) The Faculty Association of AIIMS (FAAIIMS) has urged Health Minister J.P. Nadda to reinstate two faculty members of the institution, who were removed for allegedly misbehaving and manhandling a patient in 2015.

In a letter written to Nadda, the association also questioned the basis on which the inquiry committee was formed by the AIIMS director and also expressed concern over the conflict of interest of several members of the inquiry committee.
The All India Institute of Medical Sciences on January 10 terminated Kuldeep Kumar and Arvind Kumar of the medicine department for allegedly misbehaving and manhandling a patient in September last year.
A committee was set up under department head S.K. Sharma, which earlier this month took the decision to terminate the doctors.
Earlier, a doctor associated with FAAIIMS said:” Only seven faculties have been terminated till now in the history of AIIMS, but that was also because they went abroad and did not respond to the communication by the institution about their return.”
The letter written to Nadda further said that if the ministry failed to reinstate the two doctors, then the FAIIMS members will go on an indefinite strike against the institution’s administration.