Government reviewing counter terror strategy: Rajnath

Jaipur, Feb 3 (IANS) Appropriate legal and structural frameworks to fight against terrorism is being created in the country, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said on Wednesday.

Addressing the International Conference on Counter Terrorism organised by the India Foundation here on Wednesday, Rajnath Singh said that after the Pathankot terror attack, the government was reviewing its counter terror strategy.
He said the government was now formulating an effective strategy which would help in preventing the country from such terror attacks in future.
“We are fully equipped and prepared to deal with cross-border terrorism or any kind of terrorism. We are working on a national security strategy aiming to achieve seamless coordination between all the agencies,” he said.
The home minister said the national security strategy would now aim at creating an environment which provides full opportunity for unhindered growth and development to every section of the society.
“We are also looking forward to create appropriate legal and structural frameworks to fight against the menace of terrorism. We want to insure that all terror related cases are thoroughly investigated and followed up properly and regularly in the courts,” he said.
The government was increasing its capabilities in proper assimilation, analysis and timely sharing of intelligence inputs as well.
“We are also stepping up vigil at our international borders and strengthening our border infrastructure to ensure fool proof security in the border areas,” he said.
Rajnath Singh maintained that most of the terrorist attacks in India emanate from Pakistan and the country (Pakistan) will have to show some sincerity and take concrete steps to rein in the various terror groups operating against India from its soil.
“If Pakistan takes concrete action against terrorists on its territory, it will not only improve the bilateral ties between both the countries but also bring peace and stability in the South Asian region.”
The home minister said India will stand by Pakistan if it takes decisive action against terrorists.
Rajnath Singh said terror groups were becoming deadlier by the day.
“From traditional forms of terrorism, we are now witnessing cyber terrorism, narco terrorism and bio terrorism. Use of dirty bombs also cannot be ruled out. Modern weapons, technology, and communications are being used by terror groups to enhance their lethality and impact,” he said.
He said the challenge of terrorism gets compounded when certain states use it as an instrument of their foreign policy, and make perverse distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ terrorists.
When the states begin covertly raising and indoctrinating groups of youth and equipping them with lethal weapons, and weapons of mass destruction to promote their geo-political agenda, the magnitude of the threat amplifies many times. It makes the task of defeating terrorism much more difficult, he said.