Environment activist plans to launch India’s Green Party

Kolkata, Aug 30 (Inditop.com) An environmental activist plans to set up India’s first Green Party on the lines of similar outfits in Germany, Australia, the US and Britain and is leaving for London next month to learn about the functioning of pro-environment parties.

A chartered accountant (CA) by profession who is a green crusader, Subhas Dutta has participated in several environment movements across West Bengal and has been fighting for various green issues since 1977.

He was instrumental in India setting up first a state-level “Green Bench” at Calcutta High Court in 1996. He has also championed other green causes, including the pollution at the Victoria Memorial, the degradation of the city’s sprawling Maidan, and for phasing out old and polluting commercial vehicles of Kolkata.

But realising that environment matters can be better highlighted by participating in the decision-making process, he plans to form the country’s first Green Party and is going to London to meet Caroline Lucas, leader of the the British Green Party and member of European Parliament.

“I wrote to the authorities of the British Green Party and they agreed to meet me. I am going to meet them next month,” Dutta told Inditop.

He said he will be in London between Sep 15 and 22 and if needed, will extend his stay.

“During my visit, I’ll also try to gather first-hand knowledge about the Green Party’s constitution, policies, framework and success,” he added.

“I would also like to interact with members of the German Green Party as it is the first among green parties worldwide to achieve national prominence by being part of the ruling coalition led by the Social Democratic Party from 1998 to 2005,” Dutta said.

He said if a similar Green Party could be launched in India, it would help the environment activists to participate in the decision making process to bring a sustainable change in our environment.

“We already have a nation-wide network. If everything goes well, we’ll be able to constitute a Green Party in the near future to fight the issues of environmental degradation in our country,” said Dutta.