China rains aid ahead of Nepal PM’s visit

Kathmandu, April 19 (Inditop) Ahead of Nepal’s Maoist Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda’s second visit to China next month, Beijing has stepped up its aid bonanza for its smaller southern neighbour, increasing development assistance by 50 percent.

From the earlier 100 million yuan (about $14 million), Beijing has upped its aid to 150 million yuan (over $21 million), Nepal’s state media said Sunday.

The assurance was given to Nepal’s Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav, who returned home Saturday after a nine-day tour of China, Hong Kong and Macau at the invitation of the Chinese government.

Though immediate details were not provided, Yadav said Beijing has also consented to upgrade the Rampur Agriculture Campus in southern Chitwan district – from which Prachanda graduated in the 70s – to a university and develop roads and railways between the two countries, Yadav said.

China, Yadav said, has also reacted positively to Nepal’s request to give nearly 500 Nepali products duty-free access to Chinese markets in a bid to correct the growing trade imbalance.

Nepal is seeking greater Chinese investment in its thorny hydropower sector, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism and technology.

A clear picture of the extent to which China is ready to help the Prachanda government will emerge next month when Prachanda will visit Beijing again.

However, media reports indicated that the visit might not result in the signing of a new peace and friendship treaty with China.

The coalition government needs to consult its major allies as well as the main opposition Nepali Congress party before signing any agreement of national interest.

However, now racing against time to draft a new constitution by 2010, the parties have yet not discussed the draft of the new treaty, foreign ministry officials said.

Significantly, between Yadav and Prachanda’s visits, a delegation from the second-biggest ruling party left for Beijing Saturday.

Jhalanath Khanal, chief of the Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist, and four more senior leaders, are currently on a week-long visit to China on the invitation of the Communist Party of China.

Beijing’s overtures to Kathmandu come in a bid to ensure Nepal’s support for the One China policy, which regards Tibet to be an integral part of China, and to suppress anti-China protests by Tibetan dissidents in Kathmandu.

Last year, such protests had continued for nearly seven years embarrassing the dragon in the year it basked in the spotlight as the host of the Olympic Games.

  • Dirgha Raj Prasai

    Dear editor, The visit of Maoist PM Pracanda will be useless. Maoist leader Pracanda. Pracanda is a very flexible man. When he visits China, he becomesgreat follower of China, when he meets Indian he becomes more Indian and identifies special relations between Nepal and India. In his visit of UN he met the American –President Bush almost three minute he became as a supporter of free-Tibet.
    The Maoist are horbouring anarchy by violating democratic norms and attacking state institutions on all fronts.It proves Maoist are giving lip-service to democracy but they are not committed to stablish democratic situation. They are tring to attain absolute power by creating anarchy. So I think Jokers can’t give nothing, Parcanda is also a Joker. He is nothing. He is the agent of Indian Congress (I) and RAW. The Maoist-led government has failed to maintain the rule of law and become failure to provide social justice to the common people. The police, have been plying as culprits survive and thrive with impunity. The rule of law, Judiciary, Nepal army, and prestige of Nepalese identities including Pashupatinath, religious culture & traditions are at peril. The Maoist regime is just like a poisonous wine in a new bottle.
    An irresponsible leadership in the government, the corrupt mentality of political leaders as well as the bureaucrats, all are responsible for the plight of Nepal. Nepalese people are facing intolerable difficulties. The Maoist-led government or the so-called big parties are neither responsible nor sincere to solve these problems. The reality is that after the removal of the King, not only nationality, but the risk of the nation fading is increasing every day. If we don’t accept the King’s existence then trouble will be seen in the existence of the nation. So, the King’s necessity is being felt more than ever. The monarchy is the oldest and strongest foundation for Nepal’s nationality and democracy. The so-called republic can’t protect the sovereignty of Nepal. I can’t hope anything from him. I think, he can destroy the historical relation from his fallacious talkin & speeches. I request to Chinese Govt. not to talk the secret proposals with Maoists team. Chinese analysis during the Maoist time was that Nepalese communists wear a revolutionary cloak they have always remained puppets of the Indian designs. This analysis has proved correct now. This character of the Maoists and Nepal’s other communists because of their relations with RAW has always been turning Nepal into another Sikkim or Bhutan. That is why they are encouraging and helping anti-China activities in Nepal. So again request to all Chinese be careful from the agents of CIA & RAW.
    Thank you.
    -Dirgha Raj Prasai- Kathnamdu- Nepal