BJP to Rahul Gandhi: Stop playing politics over dead bodies

New Delhi, Jan 30 (IANS) The BJP on Saturday asked Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi to “not politicise” the death of a Dalit research scholar who committed suicide two weeks ago and stop “playing politics on dead bodies”.

As Rahul Gandhi joined protests with the students at the University of Hyderabad past Friday midnight, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Sambit Patra said it is not a Dalit versus non-Dalit issue but a classic case of trying to score political brownie points.
“Rahul Gandhi should start working in a positive way rather than playing politics on dead bodies,” he said.
Gandhi shuns his own responsibility and gatecrashes into other’s protest, Patra said, adding the way he has shown insensitivity is the reason why “I say Rahul and responsibility cannot go together.”
Patra further questioned Rahul Gandhi for not responding to the Malda incident and the incident in Haryana where Dalits was burnt alive.
“Did Rahul Gandhi shed tears for the four Dalits who were burnt alive? No, he has always been selective,” he said. “Everyone knows what the condition in Malda is, has Rahul Gandhi ever visited Malda?”.
Patra said Rahul Gandhi was enjoying New Year when the Pathankot terror attack happened and blamed the government after 10 days.
“When Pathankot attack was happening, Rahul Gandhi was in Europe enjoying his holiday. He came back after 10 days and blamed government,” Patra said.
Gandhi on Saturday continued his protest along with the students who are on hunger strike at the University of Hyderabad, demanding justice for a Dalit research scholar who committed suicide.
Gandhi, who participated in a candle light vigil after midnight and spent the night on the campus, remained seated along with the students at the protest venue near Shopping Complex to mark the birth anniversary of Rohith Vemula.
He was seated with four Dalit students, who were suspended along with Vemula, and Vemula’s mother and brother.
Dozens of other students are also on a day-long hunger strike to press for their demand for the resignation of Vice Chancellor Appa Rao and action against him and others responsible for the suicide.