Alagiri refutes Karunanidhi’s charges, wishes father to mourn him

Chennai, Jan 28 (IANS) DMK president M. Karunanidhi’s son M.K. Alagiri, who has been suspended from the party, Tuesday refuted charges of violating the party code of conduct, and dramatically declared that he only wished his father’s tears fall on his dead body.

“Not even in my dreams I thought such charges would be levied on me. I will stand by the party cadres. The cadres know me,” Alagiri told reporters in Madurai, around 460 km from here.
Earlier in the day, Karunanidhi charged Alagiri with using unsavoury words against his younger brother M.K. Stalin.
The DMk chief told reporters that Alagiri was functioning in a manner not in line with the post he held in the DMK and giving interviews violating the party code of conduct.
Such actions led to the suspension of Alagiri from the party Jan 24, he said.
Karunanidhi, referring to his meeting with Alagiri in his bedroom that day, wondered if it was a proper venue and time to discuss party matters.
Reacting to the statement, Alagiri said that complaints from party cadres faxed to the party headquarters were not shown to the leadership, and hence he decided to discuss it at Karunanidhi’s home.
Even earlier, party matters have been discussed at Karunanidhi’s home, Alagiri said.
He said he would take the charges made by Karunanidhi as a birthday present and the suspension as the prize for fighting for justice for party cadres.
He said Karunanidhi should live longer than him so that his tears would fall on his (Alagiri’s) body.