AAP is ‘wind of change’, says Kakkad

Kolkata, Jan 3 (IANS) Noted adman Prahlad Kakkar has lauded the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for drawing out youngsters to vote and stressed that the “wind of change” should transform into a powerful force.

Addressing students at the opening of the Indian Institute of Management-Calcutta student-run international business summit Intaglio here, Kakkad asked them to seriously battle corruption.
“Today there is a wind of change… for the first time after so many years there is a wind of change and there is hope and that is the opportunity that all young leaders need to grab. (The) wind of change should turn into a hurricane… don’t allow it to dissipate and die.
“The mango party (AAP) in Delhi has proven that young people can come out and actually vote for their future,” Kakkad said.
According to him, the increased voter turnout added to the AAP’s votes.
“What is (behind) Kejriwal’s party winning so many seats which is completely unprecedented? The difference was from the 45 percent turnout in the last election. It was 76 percent this year.
“Who were the extra people who voted? They were the young who had never voted before… who weren’t interested in voting.”
Observing that politics is no longer “a bad word”, Kakkad encouraged students across the country to utilise the opportunity and be stakeholders in the nation’s future.
“It has happened in Delhi and we are hoping it will happen in the rest of the country because everybody is now talking the language of the future, which is you guys. They are addressing you directly.
“Rahul Gandhi started doing that… (Narendra) Modi was always doing it.
“Today there is Arvind Kejriwal… all of you have to participate in its leadership because now you have a chance to do so.”