Malaysian government may allow parents to cane children

Kuala Lumpur, Nov 24 ( Malaysia’s education ministry is open to the idea of parents or guardians of misbehaving students to cane them.

The proposal has come from a non-government organisation (NGO) that does believe in the old adage – spare the rod and spoil the child.

Deputy Education Minister Mohammed Puad Zarkashi said he felt this recent proposal by a NGO would be “a good way of disciplining students”.

“There are several advantages for parents and teachers if such a system was in place. It will also make the punishment that could be carried out privately, more effective in disciplining students.

“This is because misbehaving students are more scared of their parents finding out about their discipline problems, compared with their teachers,” the New Straits Times quoted the minister as saying.

He said parents could also see for themselves how their children were behaving at school.

“This will make the parents more responsible for the development of their children instead of leaving it to the teachers. Parents also cannot accuse teachers of unfair treatment of their children.”

The proposal was made by National Parent Teacher Togetherness Council president Mohamad Ali Hassan.

The minister said if parents agreed, the ministry could implement the proposal which could help check the rising discipline problems among students.

“(The) psychological pressure of parents constantly finding fault, including accusing teachers of mishandling their children, can cause teachers to become laid back.

“The ministry does not want this laid-back culture to become a predominant feature among our teachers considering their vital role in nation building.”