IIT-Kharagpur introduces faculty quota

New Delhi, Nov 26 (Inditop.com) the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur has introduced the controversial faculty quota as ordered by the human resource development (HRD) ministry, but only at the entry level positions in science and technology streams.

In a circular, the oldest IIT of the country has invited application from “Indian nationals, possessing excellent background, commitment to quality teaching and potential for carryout outstanding research”.

“Without any compromise on qualification, experience, and competence, reservation as per government of India rules is available only at entry level positions of assistant professors,” it said.

Though the previous HRD minister Arjun Singh had asked the IITs to introduce faculty quota, these elite institutes were up in arms against it.

After much uproar, protest and candlelight vigils inside campuses, they were directed by current HRD Minister Kapil Sibal a few months back to follow the government line.

The ministry has asked IITs to lay down 15 percent quota for Scheduled Caste (SC) candidates, 7.5 percent for Scheduled Tribe (ST) candidates and 27 percent quota for other backward classes (OBC) in teaching positions.

In its circular, IIT-Kharagpur has, however, notified that reservation is applicable for all faculty positions in non-science and technology streams. Many of the IITs have also courses in humanities and management streams.

“In recruitment of faculty posts in subjects other than science and technology, reservation of 15 percent, 7.5 percent, and 27 percent for SCs, STs and OBCs respectively shall also be applied in full including for the posts of associate professors and professors,” it said.

A senior member of the IIT Delhi faculty federation told IANS: “The IIT faculty federation is uncomfortable with any quota in teaching posts. We don’t want to create a division among faculties in the name of caste. What should matter most is merit.”