Degrees for UP medicos post government hospital stint

Lucknow, Nov 28 ( Seeking to overcome the shortage of doctors in public hospitals and medical centres in Uttar Pradesh, the state government now plans to grant degrees to students of state-run medical colleges only after they serve a stint in government hospitals, an official said Saturday.

As per the new plan that would be implemented from the next academic session, students enrolled in government-run medical institutions would have to submit an affidavit that they would work in government hospitals for a definite period, which may vary from a few months to three years, the official added.

“Initially, the new plan would govern medical students pursing MBBS, MD, MCH and DM and will not be implemented for students of dental sciences, Ayurveda, Unani and Homoeopathy,” a senior official in the medical education department told IANS, on the condition of anonymity.

“As per the plan, students will have to submit the affidavit in their second year. Those flouting the terms mentioned in the affidavit will have to pay a certain amount as a penalty. At the time of passing, the students would be given a provisional degree, while original degrees would be granted only after they work as per the terms of their affidavit,” he added.

According to officials, the state government would soon officially announce the new plan to tackle shortage of nearly 5,000 doctors in its hospitals and medical centres.

The strength of the Uttar Pradesh Provincial Medical Services is 12,000, out of which around 5,000 posts are lying vacant.

Meanwhile, the members of UPPMS have expressed their displeasure over the plan.

“Before coming up with any plan to check the shortage of doctors, the state government should first focus on providing better and lucrative facilities for doctors working in government hospitals,” the organisation’s general secretary B.P. Singh told Inditop.

“If the government provide facilities at par with that of being offered to doctors by private hospitals, then students will definitely want to work in government hospitals, which in turn will also solve the problems related to shortage of doctors,” he added.