Pakistan Army kills 15 militants

Islamabad, Aug 31 (Xinhua) Fifteen militants were killed in fighting with the security forces in northwest Pakistan, officials said Monday.

The security forces also captured 22 militants during search operations in the Swat and Malakand districts in the past 24 hours till Monday evening, the Online news agency reported citing a statement of the Pakistan Army.

Five militants were killed in the Allahabad area in Swat during a shootout with the security forces. One soldier was also killed in the operation, the statement said.

The security forces also killed seven militants and captured 11 others in the Maira area.

Three more militants were killed in the Lundai Sarand area.

During search operations in Gulkanda, Aman Kot, Sangota and Ahingora Cham areas 11 militants were captured, it said.