When Omar had to wait out a traffic jam

Jammu, Jan 20 (IANS) The Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir was in for a lot of traffic hurdles Friday morning as he waited for a flight to Srinagar from Delhi Airport. And he frequently tweeted about his plight to his nearly 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Used to clear roads and VIP hassle-free take offs and landing of his aircraft, Omar Abdullah had a different tale to tell Friday.

First, Omar got caught up in the Delhi fog Friday morning. While waiting for it to clear so that he could fly to Srinagar, he tweeted: ‘I’m waiting for the fog to lift so I can leave Delhi & head back to Srinagar.’

Next, he tweeted to share his misery of waiting in a veritable traffic jam of aircraft lined up for take-off: ‘The traffic jam at Delhi airport has to be seen to be believed. We are Number 55 in the take off line. Where is my ‘LAL BATTI’ (red light) when it is needed the most?’

Omar’s next tweet displayed his sense of humour: ‘Have stuck my head out of the window and imitated a siren, but none of the planes ahead of me seem to get the message to move aside :-)).’

To top it off, he said: ‘I even called Air Traffic Control and said, ‘Tum ko nahin maloom main kaun hoon aur kis ko janta hoon.’ Even that didn’t work :-‘

Omar was perhaps taking the mickey out of some of the VIPs who usually throw their weight around when caught in traffic jam, telling them that this doesn’t work.

The underlined message, it seems was, wait with patience.