Tripura CM hails Bangladeshi youths fighting extremists

Agartala, March 27 (IANS) The struggle by the Bangladeshi youths against the rise of fundamentalist forces, who were against an independent nation in 1971, would be successful, said Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar.

‘Ganajagaran Mancha’, a platform of young intellectuals and activists has been organising protests across Bangladesh since Feb 5 to press demand for the death penalty for all war criminals during the country’s liberation from Pakistan in 1971 and a ban on fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami.
“The young generations’ struggle for a better Bangladesh and against the fundamentalist forces in that country would be successful,” Sarkar said here Tuesday night while addressing a function of Bangladesh Independence Day.
He said: “During the ninth month long (March-December) liberation war in 1971 (which created independent Bangladesh from east Pakistan), a wicked force was active within this country against the freedom struggle.”
The colourful function of Bangladesh Independence Day was organised by the Bangladesh misson in Agartala.
Sarkar said that four decades after the Bangladesh liberation war, the situation inside that country has again become bad. “Dreams of independence of the people of that country have remained unfulfilled. The independence (of Bangladesh) not yet turns into full-fledged.”
“Once, there were conspiracies against the India-Bangladesh friendship. Now the two neighbours have become closer and it would help each other in future. We must be alert against any forces that try to foil the relationship of the two countries,” he said.
“The young generations’ fight against the fundamentalist forces in Bangladesh also inspires us,” Sarkar added.
Intellectuals, law-makers, artists, singers, academicians, journalists, writers and poets of Bangladesh and India have also organised many programmes in Agartala during the past several weeks in solidarity with the protesters of ‘Ganajagaran Mancha’ in Bangladesh.