Tech-savvy men impress Indian women: Study

New Delhi, Jan 7 (IANS) Indian women are impressed by men who are technology-savvy and those who are active on online social networking platforms, according to a study by a matrimonial website. conducted a study to understand the influence of lifestyle and technology on women looking for a partner. In this study, women were asked about things they notice in their prospective partner.
Interestingly, women seem to notice the technology men choose.
As much as 48.4 percent of the respondents said that they notice gadgets, especially their phones and phone accessories, 27.1 percent said they notice watches and the remaining respondents went for a man’s shoes.
According to 28.3 percent of the women, Twitter and Facebook are important mediums to analyse social presence, behaviour and psychology of potential partners.
Commenting on the survey results, Gourav Rakshit, chief operating officer,, said: “The study indicates that the Indian woman is now going beyond the conventional partner preferences. Previously, the emphasis in matchmaking for a girl was a well-settled man.
“Today people give a lot of importance to compatibility. The poll is part of the constant research that conducts in its attempt to gauge the preferences of its members,” he said in a statement.
As many as 45.6 percent of the women surveyed said that they would prefer men who are active on Twitter as they are perceived as knowledgeable and well-informed, while 26.1 percent of women said they would prefer men who are active on Facebook as they are perceived as trustworthy and reliable.
When asked what annoys them the most, 36.5 percent of the women women said they don’t like men who are obsessed with taking photos of the food to update their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Around 34.2 percent of those surveyed are annoyed by men who stare at the TV screen while talking and 29.3 percent of them aren’t impressed by those who constantly look at the phone during a conversation.