Support to Hazare pledged through tattoos and T-shirts

New Delhi, April 8 (IANS) ‘Wake up Youths’ read the tattoo on 22-year-old Henry Vats as he chanted slogans and waved placards with his friends at Jantar Mantar Friday in support of social activist Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption.

The second-year computer student and 25 of his friends had come to the venue where the veteran activist has been on a hunger strike for the past four days.

Students dressed fashionably and shouting solgans were seen in every corner of Jantar Mantar.

Amit Patel and his friend held a a placard that read ‘We don’t want corupt leaders. Why are you scared of Lokpal Bill?’

Similarly, 25-year-old Mohit Kumar had his message on the back side of the T-shirt: ‘Please come out for the future. I am Anna Hazare.’

Also, there was seven-year-old boy Tushar Gandhi, who had tonsured his head and dressed like Mahatma Gandhi.

He came from Porbandar in Gujarat along with his friends to support Anna Hazare. ‘It’s common people. Let’s fight corruption.’

Chirag Chopra, an engineering student at Punjab Technical University, came with his friend Mahesh Sharma with shirts sporting the message: ‘Be proud to say I am not corrupt.’